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Global Trading Access

CastleOak provides 24/6 coverage for markets in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia from our headquarters in New York’s World Financial Center. Whether leveraging our high touch trading team for programs or using our algorithms to source liquidity around the world, our CastleOak traders consider themselves an extension of your desk.  

Basket and single stock execution for over 60 markets
Electronic access via our CODE algorithms offered to clients in over 40 markets
Deploy our technology to assure blocks get confirmed and trades are allocated properly
ETF Trading Solutions, including liquidity via risk markets, create/redeems, program trades, algorithms & NAV markets
Partner with Raptor & Bloomberg platforms for order management and TCA
Pershing for Clearing and Settlement
Block liquidity via high touch trading and actionable indications of interests
Best Execution via our CODE (CastleOak Direct Execution) Algorithms

CastleOak’s Equity Desk utilizes our proprietary suite of algorithms that are designed to achieve conflict-free access to global markets.  

Our algorithms are also available on most major execution management systems including:
Bloomberg EMSX

We work closely with our clients to customize our global trading algorithms to achieve their best execution goals. Our strategies include:

Our strategies include:
Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP)
Time Weighted Average Price (TWAP)
Percent of Volume (POV)
Arrival Price
SOR (Smart Order Router)
Quantitative MOC
Small Cap
Portfolio based
Custom Broker Wheels
Sophisticated operational workflow to assure blocks get confirmed and trades are allocated properly

CastleOak Securities strives to be an extension of your firm by providing a consistent experience every time you interact with us, whether on a trading, technology or operational level. We understand that basket level and stock specific interactions requires both management and decisions at every stage of the trade. Our uniquely-positioned, experienced team has an ideal mix of traders with single stock, electronic and program trading experience, thereby allowing us to maintain and balance all perspectives efficiently.  

Global Trading Desk Contact Information

(212) 294-8040

Markets We Trade
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